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Spell Effect Templates for D&D - Featuring a 30' Cone & 30' Cube

Spell Effect Templates for D&D - Featuring a 30' Cone & 30' Cube

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  • EASY TO USE & SEE - Our template is 25% larger and the only one featuring a 30ft cone and 30ft cube that enables you to measure more spell effects to maximize your damage. Bright colors allow you to easily see what targets you can hit. Includes a Microfiber wipe to keep it clean and clear.
  • RANDOM DIRECTION GENERATOR - Allows you to roll a D8 and generate a random direction. Perfect for any RPG.
  • 100% ACCURATE - Designed in the USA by engineers to be 100% Accurate based on DnD 5e Standards. We bought the other main sellers template for our games and realized the dimensions were off... really. So we made a better one.
  • BUILT TO LAST - We included a protective sleeve so you can travel confidently and know that your template will never scratch.
  • REMOVE THE FILM- If you notice scratches on your brand new template, please note that there is a protective film on the back that may appear scratched. We have a video in the Q&A Section detailing how to remove the film. Our product is backed by a 30-day A to Z return policy, so get your area of effect spell template accessories for your d & d or RPG campaigns today.

Product Description

Hit More Enemies - With our AOE template you will always be able to maximize the damage of your AOE spells. Pull this out the next time you cast fireball and watch the enemies drop.

Random Direction Generator - Simply roll a D8 and move your character in the direction corresponding to the dice on the template that matches your dice roll.

Built Tough - Made of 2mm thick Acrylic this template is seriously tough. We're engineers and DND players, so we made sure this was 100% accurate.

Easy to Use and See - We printed our templates on the front so you can see it more clearly. It is super bright and easy to see even in low lighting conditions. The free microfiber cloth helps you keep your Lens of Accuracy free from fingerprints and other smudges.

Designed For Maximizing your Damage Traveling with your RPG accessories or tabletop games. A portable RPG travel binder with room for most of your gear. Storing dice and miniatures while proving you with a dice tray. Creating encounters on the fly. Storing your dice or RPG accessories in a genuine handmade leather bag.
Portability Fits into any binder Shoulder Strap and Handle Travel Handle Clip and Strap Fits into our RPG Bag and most backpacks Pocket Size
Mini Capacity Not Applicable 22 16 6 Not Applicable Not Applicable
Dice Capacity Not Applicable 200+ 70+ 150+ Not Applicable 70+
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