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DND Metal Coins Set of 60 with Leather Pouch

DND Metal Coins Set of 60 with Leather Pouch

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  • UPGRADING YOUR IN-GAME CURRENCY - Play with CZYY real metal coins instead of plastic or cardboard ones. They will give the gamer a more authentic feel when holding, tossing, & bartering in your desired game and feel more immersed within the game. This is a great way to bling out your tabletop board games, and a cool way to improve your existing games.
  • HEAVY-WEIGHT, FINELY-MINTED - These RPG coins are struck from high quality zinc, electroplated with colored nickel and coated with an antique finish and lacquer. Our d&d coins look, feel and even sound as if they've come directly out of a fantasy realm! Add some hefty clank to your game with these beautifully crafted metal coins.
  • VALUE PACKAGE AT LOW COST - This metallic game coins set with various denominations: 30 x '1' Coins (Antique Iron), 15 x '5' Coins (Antique Copper), 10 x '10' Coins (Sliver), 5 x '50' Coins (Gold) and with a $11.99 dragon eye leather pouch. Now it's time for you to "Show Me The Money!"
  • PERFECT AESTHETICALLY FOR A WIDE RANGE OF GAMES - These metal treasure coins can be used for lot of different applications. Fun to play fantasy card games with, throw at LARPs, party favors or make puzzles or currency stuff for D&D coinage with, Scythe ...and more. Increasing your fantasy funds can add depth to game play and open up the possibilities for new adventures!
  • PERFECT GIFT OR COLLECTION FOR GAMER - Upgrade & enhance your board/tabletop game with these authentic old world style fantasy coins. Or just add to your coin collection! Very cool stuff for those wanting to add realism to their fantasy adventures. A perfect gift for DM/GM, gamer and dragon fans, or just treat yourself!

Product Description

How many times have you immersed in fantastic atmospheres during your favorite boardgame session, role-playing games or historical re-enactments, and you felt that something was missing?

How many times did you crave to play with real metal coins instead of plastic or cardboard ones? Now your gaming and playing experience might be more immersive and realistic!

CZYY are offering to you this set of metal coins in three denominations, suitable for a large number of board games (or RPG settings, why not?), at a low cost but granting an excellent quality!


- 30 x '1' (Antique Iron)

- 15 x '5' Coins (Antique Copper)

- 10 x '10' Coins (Sliver)

- 5 x '50' Coins (Gold)

- Dragon Eye Leather Pouch


We create high quality tabletop accessories that focus on giving players options that add to their tabletop gaming experience.

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Material Acrylic Plywood Acrylic Resin
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