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Deluxe Locking Dungeon Tiles - Ancient Alcoves - for 28Mm Miniatures

Deluxe Locking Dungeon Tiles - Ancient Alcoves - for 28Mm Miniatures

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  • 3D printed role-play scenery made with eco-friendly PLA plastic
  • Set of 9 unpainted terrain bits and buildings perfect for a tabletop dungeon landscape
  • Best suited for medieval role-playing games featuring 25-30mm scale miniatures and models
  • NEW deluxe tiles feature 25% more space, eliminating narrow spaces along walls; these are still compatible with our standard collection
  • Ruler shown for reference, not included

Product Description

3D printed terrain & tabletop accessories

With over a decade of experience in 3D printing, EnderToys provides the highest quality prints. We produce detailed scenery for wargames, modular dungeon tiles for RPGs, painting supplies, and more for miniature hobbyists.

Budget friendly bundles!

Wargame Scenery

Build an eye-catching battlefield for less with EnderToys terrain packs. Our catalog includes buildings and bits from ancient times to the present and beyond!

Modular Maps

Take your campaign to the next level with our Locking Dungeon Tiles—an alluring alternative to a paper adventure map or dry erase battle mat.

Miniature Accessories

EnderToys offers a number of items to compliment your minis, including decorative bases, movement trays, and tiered display stands.

Basic painting guide & tips

All of our 3D printed terrain should be ready to use right out of the box, no assembly required (unless noted). Of course, it will look a lot better on the battlefield with some color! To get you started, here are some tips on how to eliminate print lines and prepare your model(s) for painting.

Application of primer before painting helps to mask lines left from the printing process and allows paint to adhere properly. We strongly recommend using a filler primer which is formulated specifically to conceal minor surface imperfections, though any primer that is deemed safe on plastic should do just fine. Regardless, be sure to follow the directions provided on the product of your choice, waiting the recommended drying time between coats.

Lower prices, higher quality

EnderToys offers products at the most competitive prices and ensures top quality 3D prints.

Large inventory

We always have a huge selection of models and accessories in stock and ready to ship!


We ensure an overall positive shopping experience and it shows in the excellent feedback we receive from our customers.

Service and support

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your order or our products, we're here to help!

Pieces 35 6 4 2 20 Variable
Miniature Scale 25-28mm 25-40mm 25-28mm 25-28mm 25-28mm 25-40mm
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