Razer’s Edge joins the handheld gaming market at… Verizon?

Razer’s Edge joins the handheld gaming market at… Verizon?


Razer has decided they are entering the ring on the handheld gaming market with their new product that is meant to compete with the Steamdeck and Nintendo Switch: Razer Edge. Razer and Verizon co-announced the pricing for… Oh, yes. Verizon. That is how you will have access to the Edge, through the carrier when you add a new tablet line. There is a Wi-Fi version ($399.99) and a 5G version ($599.99).



The pricing was announced during CES 2023. It launches on January 26th for a discounted price of $359.99 when you add a new tablet line. They did not say how long this discount will last. According to Verizon, the installment plan breakdown ends up being about $10/month for 36 months. The handheld’s main focus will be cloud gaming over Wi-Fi and 5G, meaning it will support Xbox Cloud Gaming, Nvidia GeForce Now, and Steam Link.

While the only real difference between the Wi-Fi and 5G versions of the edge is support of Verizon’s sub-6GHz and ultra wideband networks — there is still a question of latency. While 5G has the capabilities to move data quickly, it will definitely be tested against the demands of gaming. Hoping to check out some review channels soon on this new tech!

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