2022 Games Delayed To 2023

2022 Games Delayed To 2023

What’s going on, Fan(G)amers!

Let’s talk about it. It’s the elephant in the room… DELAYS. Some of the biggest 2022 games (OTHER than The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom because… well… we know) delayed to 2023 coming right atcha. I absolutely have been waiting on some games to be released. One being Black Myth: Wukong (even though that was always scheduled to be released in 2023 — shutup). In any case, we would hope that delays are almost always in pursuit of better gaming quality. Last year saw some pretty big setbacks — let’s get into it:

Arc Raiders

Arc Raiders is essentially a co-op shooter in space. And robots. Lots of robots. From Embark Studios, Arc Raiders made a lasting impression at last year’s Game Awards. However, they announced a few months later that they would be postponing the release to another project first. Their other project, titled The Final, moved pretty quickly through development forcing Embark’s hand to focus releasing on it first.

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Well, well. This is interesting indeed! Many assumed this would lauch closer to the premiere of the Avatar sequel, The Way of Water, but I can only say they tried. But I would imagine they have getting it right set to the highest priority. They are hoping it evolves into a larger franchise for James Cameron’s sci-fi universe. Look for it sometime this year — or next year. Who knows.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

Not gonna cap… this looks FLY. Team Reptile is going CUHRAZY with the artwork. I’m not into skate games though.. so I probably won’t play or buy it (unless as a gift for my partner). I read that it’s a homage to Jet Set Radio. Looking forward to purchasing this as a gift for my lover. It’s set to release sometime in the summer.


I am PARTICULARLY excited about this one. Looking forward to posting a game review. Luminous Productions’ promising action RPG is on its second delay moving its release from October 11to January 24. Square Enix reassures us that it is just in it’s polishing phase. There were quite a few October releases so… I get the call. There are some complaints about the demo though. I’ve see the play described as “clunky” — bearing in mind, this is a demo not a beta. Who am I to judge, though? I’m going to find out for myself. Hopefully there’s a grander response as January releases tend to be traditionally light. I have high hopes!

Hogwarts Legacy

So the artwork kind of reminds me of the Harry Potter mobile game (Hogwarts Mystery?). Don’t act like that. Ya’ll know the one. You downloaded it. You played it. For atleast a week. Stop. ANYWAYS — this had delays it hit all over the place. Making this really no surprise at all, actually. Since it’s first gameplay showcase in March, the developer has been pretty hush hush about it. I’m pretty interested in seeing what this new open-wizarding-world will bring. Fortunately, we do have an actual release date! Avalanche announced its release for February 10. Bu then.. thangs got a little dicey. Hogwarts Legacy will make the February date for current-gen and PC, but last-gen console players will have to wait until April 4. Switch fans have to hold out even longer, as the game doesn’t launch for that platform until July 25 (hey! That’s my birthday!)

This is not all of them. It’s a long list and I just do not have that kind of attention span. BUT! Here is my source: GameInformer. You are most welcome to get the rest of the list! This was just few that jumped out at me or I knew about personally. Really looking forward to really diving into that list over the course of the year.

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